Good Finance Card Application How To Do What? Instant Online Loan Without Going to the Branch

Good Finance is one of the first banks that come to mind when it comes to financing supports related to agriculture, animal husbandry and farming. Although Good Finance has many applications and possibilities specific to farmers;

In this article, we will try to briefly talk about Good Finance Sure Card Application How-To Conditions.

Good Finance Sure Card Application Methods


As is known, Good Finance is a state-sponsored bank. It offers some opportunities to contribute to the country’s economy and to increase competition among businesses. As one of these opportunities, we can give the Good Finance Virgo Card.

The purpose of Sure Kart is to purchase materials such as diesel oil, fertilizer, seedling, seed, greenhouse, and beekeeping, etc., and make their expenses advantageously. Sure Kart has many benefits and advantages.

Among the privileges of Good Finance Sure Kart;

  • Diesel, fertilizer, medicine, etc. You can use your credit without any problem by making it in member stores or workplaces that sell agricultural products, and you can benefit from the advantages offered by common member workplaces with Surekart agreement.
  • Your loan can be used up to 5 months without interest.
  • The cash advance can be withdrawn from Good Finance branches 7 days / 24 hours from bank ATMs.
  • The risk of stealing or dropping is completely eliminated.
  • The maturity of payments can be determined by the harvest time.
  • Interest is paid as much as the day used in loans.
  • Discounted interest rates are used successfully.
  • It can be preferred as a debit card.
  • TMO and support payments can be accessed with a single card.

To take advantage of the above advantages, you can choose Good Finance Sure Card Application Methods.

Good Finance Sure Card Cash Advance


Sure Card, which is specially allocated to farmers by Good Finance, also has a cash advance feature. The amount of cash advance depends on the limit of the farmer concerned, according to the trade volume and credit rating of the farmer in question.

How Can I Get Good Finance Sure Card


You can apply for this card only by visiting the nearest branch. For the application procedures, it will be sufficient to meet with the SME official of Good Finance and say I want to apply for Sure Card. The branch SME official will receive several signatures from you and your application will be completed. Some documents are also requested to get Sure Card.

These documents are known taxes such as ID photocopy, documents proving that they are farmers, income certificate, circular of signature, etc. You can reach the list of requested documents in detail from the nearest Good Finance. If your Sure Card application is welcomed, you can get it from the branch or from the addresses you provided.

The card comes to your home via courier and is delivered free of charge. In the requested signatures, they are thrown through the couriers. Good Finance Sure Card Application Methods are limited to this only and there is no online application for this card.

How to Get Sure Card Password



When Sure Card reaches you; You can create your card password by calling Good Finance customer service, as well as you can immediately get a password using Good Finance’s mobile banking and internet banking platforms. Those who say I forgot my Sure Card password;

Again, it is possible for these two methods to renew your passwords. Of course, during the renewal of the forgotten password, some security questions and stages will be encountered. Therefore, having your identity with you during this process will save you time.