What is Marriage Loan?

Holding the house, preparing the invitations, deciding the wedding dress, choosing the wedding place and most importantly, getting the things. This period involves a pleasant hustle and bustle, but since the items to be bought often exceed the budget, they can turn into a situation that can create stress.

This problem can even create tension among families

This problem can even create tension among families

However, there are two types of solutions to save couples and families from this stressful situation. The first is the marriage loan provided by the banks, and the second is the state-sponsored marriage loan. State Supported Marriage Loan: State-sponsored marriage loan was started to be provided by the Ministry of Family and Social Policies and with the support of the Ministry of Finance and Social Security for convenience. Interest-free marriage loans are given to couples who meet the necessary conditions.

What are the Requirements for State Supported Marriage Loans?

Requirements for this loan are determined by the ministry.

The conditions are as follows:

• Couples to be married must be between 18-24 years old (the age of university graduates has been extended to 26)

• Not to commit serious crimes in the Turkish Criminal Code

• No financial means to get married (It needs to be documented.)

• He must not have been married before.

Couples who fulfill these conditions are given a loan of 10.000 USD without interest and for 1 year. The total payback period is limited to 4 years. The loan can be obtained through the public bank. Also, if the couples get married and have the first child, the loan payment can be postponed for one year. If any of the couples are orphans or are staying in-state dormitories, the loan can be paid in 4 years provided that the loan is extended for at least 3 years.

How to Get Marriage Credit?

How to Get Marriage Credit?

The government also provides assistance to couples under the name of dowry account, with the dowry account published in the Official Good Finance on December 16, 2015. Couples must first open a deposit account or participation fund in USD and invest in this account for 3 years. The government pays up to 20 percent of the savings and 5000 USD to this money account, which is accumulated after 3 years.

This figure will be up to 15.000 USD. Both men and women can open the account. There is an age limit of 27 to get help with a dowry. Only one dowry account can be opened. It is necessary to deposit a minimum of 100 USD and a maximum of 1000 USD per month for at least 3 years before the marriage date. Payments can be made quarterly.

In the first year, couples can get a low-interest loan with a maximum of 10,000 USD and a 48-month maturity. If you apply to the bank with a document and a marriage certificate for 6 months after the date of marriage, you can receive money from the bank where the account is located within two months at the latest.

Banks’ Marriage Loans


Besides the state, banks also provide marriage loans. The banks generally require a marriage certificate, income certificate and bill of interest. You can apply for the loan by branch, sms, web, and phone. Spouses can take marriage loans separately or together.

Maturities can extend up to 36 months. As you can see, both the state and the private sector offer advantageous loans for you to have a comfortable and peaceful wedding day, which is one of the happiest days. If couples can determine their marriage budgets and direct their savings, they can find the most suitable loan option for them and pay their payments easily, without disrupting their later lives. In the next plan, they can easily plan their budgets about the child.

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